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BBDKP / BattleNET wow armory avatars

Postby Drjekyll » 17 Apr 2012, 22:09

Hi there guys,

my setup: BBDKP 1.2.6 PL5 / Raidplanner 0.4.0 / PHPBB 3.0.10 / PHP Version 5.3.10 / MySQL 5.1.57

not quite sure to what addon this part should belong too, but hoping to get some support on the idea would be very appreciated.

First off let me say this option only is usable to World of Warcraft guilds/players or other games with an armoryl-ike situation.

I got to thinking after going through the memberlist in my db, andi i stumbled on the http link directly to WoW BattleNET Armory avatar of the user in the raid roster. I used the link on my avatar as remote link, so now each time my char gets a new look my avatar gets autoupdated.

And now comes my request... I really would love to see an option in UCP / ACP so people can select the avatar from amongst the chars linked in raidroster. (links to the img are allready in the db making it selectable quite easy).

All info is welcome, im pretty much a beginner at PHP but editing/modifying existing code aint a problem.